NY Times to Conservatives: F- You

After reading Daniel Okrent’s admission that the New York Times is a liberal newspaper, I can’t help but draw a single conclusion.

The New York Times is now so blatantly a liberal paper that their own ombudsman can “give the finger” to conservatives.

This story was so bizarre I thought for a long time it was satire. Surly he was whining about conservatives who badger him routinely, he could not mean what he was saying. As the story unfolds, he makes a better case that the Times is a liberal wasteland than most conservatives could. He was not channeling Scott Ott, he meant it. He in effect told his conservative critics, “Yeah were liberal, screw you.”

Strange that the very liberals whose twin holy grails are tolerance and acceptance have none for any viewpoint but their own. But liberalism is founded on hypocrisy and condescension so it really should be no surprise.

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Yeah so I re-blogged a story Kev already covered.- So sue me.

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