Wonkette's 5 O'Clock Shadow

Hey, it worked for Gawker ***.

BoiFromTroy, he of the young, gay, Republican, USC Trojan, male is taking over guest editing duties temporarily at Wonkette while the hostess is out trying to apply a tape measure to John Kerry’s schlong for MTV.

Those who have been reading BFT for a while knew this day would surely come. One suspects that BFT’s use of “ass-fucking” will be more judiciously applied – especially if hot guys are involved in the story.

Wonkette haters – you’re now free to admit that you read Wonkette, at least until a “wardrobe malfuntion” earns Anna Marie a trip to Les Moonves’ doghouse…

*** Rumor has it that their used to be a female beard running Gawker. Supposedly some big media company came-a-courting and swept her off her feet. She’s never been heard from again.

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