The Mother Of All Bombs

Ron Reagan, Willie Brown, Dee Dee Myers, Chris Matthews (host), Joe Trippi, Chris Jansing, Joe Scarborough, and Andrea Mitchell. Those are the experts and journalists working to make Hardblogger the mother of all weblogs. It’s billed as “unconventional converntion coverage,” unfortunatly the only thing “unconventional” about it is how much worse it is that actual blogging.

They’ve been at it two days, and have managed to crank out a grand total of 4 posts. The weight topics they’ve managed to cover: And intro post, another intro post (with bonus shilling), what shoes to wear, and the Red Sox lost a game to the Yankees. Suckup reader e-mails published – (3).

To save you the pain of actually reading Hardblogger, here’s Wizbang’s digest version of all the hot blogging action so far:

July 24

Hottest ticket in town: (Michael Moran) – It’s hard to get Red Sox tickets. Boston has not won the World Series since 1918. They’re not going to win it this year either. [Ed: Who the hell is Michael Moran? He’s not on the list of journo stars supposedly blogging. It appears that on day 2, Hardblogger has outsourced blogging to India…]

July 23

Which shoes to pack? (Andrea Mitchell) – Something about pepper gassing the convention protesters, Sarah Jessica Parker, and comfortable shoes. Better than reading the post is imagining the background action at here house as she was writing the post. I’m thinking it when something like this:

Mitchell: Conchita !!#$%!
Maid: Si
Mitchell: You haven’t packed my bags yet?
Maid: No misses Andrea, lo sietno
Mitchell: Dammit Conchita get to work on it. And when you see Mr. Alan remind him that he’s in charge of the household finances while I’m gone. Tell him not to fuck it up, OK?
Maid: Si, misses Andrea.

Birth of a blog: (Chris Matthews) – Why do I talk so loud, even in print? I don’t know! Did I mention Doris Kearns Goodwin will be here? We’ll be right back, this is Hardball…

A long, strange Trippi: (Joe Trippi) – Do you know me? Within the past year I managed to steer front running Democratic candidates campaign right into an iceberg. Still, outside of Meetup and Deanspace, most people don’t recognize me. That’s why I carry the American Express. Don’t YEEEAAAGGHH!!!! without it.I’m not sure if there’s any hope for Hardblogger…

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If there is it’s going to involve Chris Jansing and short skirts…

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