Fahrenheit 9/11- Moore Lies

One small Illinois newspaper was surprised to see itself featured briefly in Fahrenheit 9/1.


Pantagraph columnist Bill Flick picks up the story.

In a flash-second early on, the movie shows various newspaper headlines on coverage of the presidential election of 2000, and one of them is from the alleged Dec. 19, 2001 [Ed – He might mean Dec. 19, 2000] edition of the Bloomington, IL Pantagraph.

But somehow there was no such news story in that day’s paper. How could a news headline that never appeared in the Dec. 19 paper appear in a copy of the Dec. 19 paper shown in the movie?

The Pantagraph headline shown in the movie — “LATEST FLORIDA RECOUNT SHOWS GORE WON ELECTION” — actually appeared in our Dec. 5 edition. Illogically, if not inexplicably, a page apparently was “pasted together” to look like an actual Pantagraph page for the movie shot.

And here also is why we could never find the news story. It never was one.

Instead it was the headline atop a letter to the editor, significantly blown up to make it look like a news story.Pure and simple the shot is an outright deception.

Via MooreWatch, who caught the fat bastard red handed (follow their links).

Update: Henceforth the movie shall be referred to here as Photoshop 9/11.

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