National Archives Security Backgrounder

The AP has an interesting backgrounded on security procedures at the National Archives. If you read to the bottom, people like Bergler have a little more freedom with the documents. Look for that to change.

National Archives Maintains Tight Security

WASHINGTON — Pens are forbidden, pencils provided. Each scribbled piece of paper is checked, then stamped. Cell phones and jackets go into lockers. Prying eyes make sure nothing precious walks off.

Researchers digging into the nation’s history at the National Archives are watched every step of the way.

Despite precautions like those, former Clinton national security adviser Sandy Berger somehow came away with material he wasn’t supposed to have.

It is worth reading the whole thing. But I gotta wonder if the reporter has some sort of personal interest in the last 2 paragraphs. It was a weird way to end the story.

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