Is The Kerry Campaign Stuck In The 60's?

In case you were wondering if the whole Bush Air National Guard story was over, it seems that the Kerry campaign can’t let it go.

Military records: Any copies of the President’s military records that would actually prove he fulfilled the terms of his military service. For that matter, it would be comforting to the American people if the campaign or the White House could produce more than just a single person to verify that the President was in Alabama when said he was there. Many Americans find it odd that only one person out of an entire squadron can recall seeing Mr. Bush.

I think it’s a big tactical error for Kerry to fight the campaign in the 1960’s, Purple Hearts or no.

If I was doing the Bush campaign the response would be something along the lines of this…

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  • Please explain why John Kerry his April 1971 speech to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations claimed that war crimes committed by the American military against Vietnamese civilians were “not isolated incidents, but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis…” [Link]

  • Please explain why John Kerry his April 1971 speech on “testimony” from the VVAW’s “Winter Soldier Investigation” as the basis for his war crimes charges, although none of the witnesses there were willing to sign depositions affirming their claims. Later investigators were unable to confirm any of the reported atrocities, and in fact discovered that a number of the witnesses had never been in Vietnam, had never been in combat, or were impostors who had assumed the identity of real veterans. [Link]

  • Please explain why John Kerry is honored in the Vietnamese Communist War Remnants Museum (formerly known as the “War Crimes Museum”) in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), in a room dedicated to foreign activists who contributed to the Communist victory over America in the Vietnam War. [Link]

  • Please explain why John Kerry lied about attending a November 1971 VVAW meeting in Kansas City the VVAW leadership and chapter coordinators voted down a plan to murder several U.S. Senators, including John Tower, John Stennis, and Strom Thurmond. Two VVAW members who were present, Randy Barnes and Terry Du-Bose, place John Kerry at that meeting, as do the meeting minutes and FBI records. Kerry claims to have resigned from the VVAW at the meeting or shortly thereafter, but there is no evidence that he ever informed authorities about the conspiracy. Kerry continued to publicly represent the VVAW until at least April of 1972. [Link]Face it, most people aren’t aware of the facts about Bush’s Air National Guard service (aside from the fact that there was a lot of press coverage a few months ago about questions about it.) and, aside from some Purple Hearts, most people aren’t familiar with the facts of Kerry’s actions during and after the war. Seems like a Pandora’s Box for the Kerry camp to me..

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