If This Is True…

Via Michele Malkin, comes news that the Philippine government may have paid ransom for the release of hostage Angelo de la Cruz.

A ransom of $6 million was offered and paid out to the Iraqi rebels holding Filipino truck driver Angelo de la Cruz hostage, to ensure his release before President Arroyo’s scheduled State of the Nation Address (Sona) on July 26, a high level Philippine intelligence officer told the Tribune yesterday.This offer was alleged to have been approved by the President herself, who then tapped Malaysian emissaries for the job, the intelligence officer, who asked for anonymity, said.

Of the $6-million payoff, $5 million was shouldered by Malaysia and $1 million by the Landbank of the Philippines, the officer added.

An Asian diplomat, also on condition on anonymity, held the view that this was a very “dangerous” move made by the Philippine government since Mrs. Arroyo has, by negotiating with terrorists on a financial recompense level, opened up the possibility of more kidnap groups in Iraq as well as in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East seeing the overseas Filipino worker as “easy prey” for them.If the story pans out, I’d say it’s well beyond “dangerous” and into Jacques Chirac territory – actively conspiring against the interests of all of the coalition countries.

As much as I’d like to believe it’s not true; given the actions of the Philippine government to date in this crisis I have a hard time dismissing the report. I wondered when this was going to blow-up in their face. It appears that time will be now…

President Arroyo, if the story is true, has just become a major state sponsor of terrorism. From Coalition partner, to Axis of Weasels, and finally to Axis of Evil in less than a month…

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