Don't Step On The Little People

They’ll get you back when you least expect it…

That’s a lesson WLWT Eyewitness News 5 reporter Raegan Butler learned the hard way. From the last paragraph of a story since pulled by AP.

Investigators are not sure if Powell died where her body was found or if she was killed elsewhere, WLWT Eyewitness News 5’s most-overrated, obnoxious, annoying, stick-like, ho-bag, sperm-receptacle staff member Raegan Butler reported.

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology you can view a cached version of the page or a screencap version.

Update: Via the Cincinnati Black Blog we learned that WLWT’s General Manager apologized to Butler and says the guilty party has been fired.

Update2: The terminated employee is strongly encouraged to contact Wizbang to tell their story. Surely there must be a heck of a backstory on this…

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