Plane Lands at Baltimore-Washington with 12 Unconscious

Apparently a Southwest plane from Houston to BWI landed tonight with 10-12 people unconscious. Locals heard for calls for advanced life support on police scanners. Details sketchy.

Farkers on the case.

Flyboys gossip/speculate

My Sherlock (Mac OS program) tells me that SW flight 1238 landed @ 22:45 which is on time.

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Plane Apparently Lands With Unconscious Passengers

Cause Unclear; Flight Traffic Stopped Thursday Evening

LINTHICUM, Md. — A plane landed at Baltimore-Washington International Airport late Thursday night apparently with several people unconscious.

A Southwest Airlines flight from Houston that was supposed to dock at BWI’s Gate C11 is reported to have as many as 12 people onboard who were not conscious when the plane landed, WBAL-TV 11 News reporter John Sherman reported. It is unclear as to why the people were possibly unconscious.

But airline officials told 11 News that one person was passed out on the plane and others may have been sick. Airline officials believe the illness may be food-related.

Fire-rescue crews from Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties responded to the airport, where as many as 20 ambulances were observed, Sherman reported.

Food related on a SW flight? Bad peanuts? Doesn’t sound like terror so far.

Nothing on AP wire yet.

[This story fizzles but the updates are in the extended section to make things tidy.]

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UPDATE 2 AP has it now

UPDATE 3 (probably final) There are other stories but they are subscription so I don’t link them. Since this is looking like a minor story and I have work to do, I’d encourage you to click on Backcountry Conservative’s trackback for new updates. He is a link machine.

UPDATE 4 USA Today has it at 5-8 passengers.

Interesting how on 9-10-2001 this would have been a complete non-story.

UPDATE 5 Looking like a single person now.

But airline officials told WBAL-TV that one person was passed out on the plane after vomiting. That set off an apparent chain reaction as five others also became ill. The first person refused treatment at the scene after the plane landed, but at least one person was reported to have been transported to a local hospital, WBAL-TV reported.

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