I Hope Kerry has Small Feet

Kerry put his foot in his mouth again!

Kerry Didn’t Read Iraq Report Before Vote — Aides

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic candidate John Kerry, whose campaign demanded to know on Wednesday whether President Bush read a key Iraq intelligence assessment, did not read the document himself before voting to give Bush the authority to go to war, aides acknowledged.

I’m beginning to wonder how this man ever won any election. He is a horribly undisciplined candidate.

Nearly everyday he makes a statement that just makes him look foolish.

I’m sure he will make the case that he was not the President– That is not the point. If he wants to present himself as more qualified than the President, stupid gaffs like this won’t sell that message. Demanding to know if the President read something you didn’t, is a patently stupid thing to do. It leads to stories like this, where your own attack backfires.

He can get away with it now because the media is focusing on the horse race. Once debate season opens and the word parsing begins, he’ll be slaughtered if he keeps this up.

If this Bush campaign were smart they would go back to the waffle attack and add to it that this guy is just not ready for prime time. It is an easy point to make since Kerry keeps making both points for them.

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