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On The Road

Is a three year odyssey to visit every major and minor league baseball stadium in the U.S. the ultimate road trip?

For Jim and Andrea Siscel it is. The Seattle Times has the story of their 55,600-mile tour to take in nation’s ballparks. They kept a travel journal of their travels over the last 3 summers to 30 major league and 140 minor league stadiums.

Closer To Home

Washington D.C. or Northern Virginia are the leading sites for the relocation of the Monteal Expos, with Hampton Roads (Virginia), Moterey (Mexico), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Las Vegas, and Portland the other cities with a shot. The news today is that according to Bud Selig on August 18th (before the next owners meeting) there will be an answer. The Oregonian has a pretty good summary of the current situation. In order to avoid taunting the baseball gods, and jinxing it, I will mention this no more.

Even though the Expos suck, I’d be in heaven to have National League baseball near Dulles Airport…

Curse Of The Cubs Update

The Backer says Steve Bartman in law school. If he ever represents himself he will indeed have a fool for a client…

Oh Yeah

The American League won the All Star game.

HOUSTON (AP) – Roger Clemens hardly had time to worry about Mike Piazza. He was too busy getting banged up by American League hitters.

Clemens’ big All-Star homecoming was a bust from the very start, with MVP Alfonso Soriano and Manny Ramirez homering during a record six-run burst in the first inning that sent the AL cruising past the Nationals 9-4 Tuesday night.I know one Clemens hater who is mighty happy tonight…

Killington to rest of Vermont: Stop taking us for granite
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