I Don't Get It

Is there really a debate as to whether abstinence + being faithful + condoms (ABC) vs. condoms only in AIDS protection? How can anyone seriously argue that advocating a combination of abstinence, committed monogamous relationships, and condom use is a worse approach than condom only education. There is only one 100% effective way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, and that’s abstinence. People who are sexually active are best protected by monogamous relationships and condom use.

To advocate condom-only education programs is highly irresponsible because, regardless of the faith in them placed by Lee and her ilk, they not 100% effective. In fact they provide only an 85% decrease in the risk of heterosexual (penis to vagina) AIDS transmission. To attempt to steer policy away from additional techniques that work (in conjunction with condom use) because you are “anti-religion” is the worst kind of hypocrisy.

Abstinence and committed monogamous relationships have served humans well for thousands of years. Are they perfect or infallible? Of course not, but just as AIDS is now treated with a cocktail of drugs that each address part of the immune deficiency; a multi-faceted approach to the AIDS epidemic is far more effective than the one size fits all approach advocated by Lee.

I guess it comes down to this – personal responsibility (ABC) vs. technological responsibility (putting your faith in the condom).

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