Bloggers Get Credentials

Or at least the “so-called” kind do….

Dems Credential Bloggers; GOP Will, Too

NewsMax Wires

NEW YORK — More than 30 independent Web journalists have been accredited to cover the Democratic convention, and the Republicans said Friday they’ll also credential so-called bloggers.

It’s the first time bloggers will be joining the thousands of newspaper, magazine and broadcast journalists at the quadrennial presidential-nomination events.

The Democrats initially invited an additional 20 bloggers to their July 26-29 party in Boston, but later rescinded those approvals and blamed a computer gaffe. That prompted complaints of unprofessionalism and favoritism.

Convention spokeswoman Peggy Wilhide said the approval letters that went to the disinvited had been generated by mistake.

Dems to Dis-invited bloggers: “We’re not unprofessional. We’re stupid! So there!”

Update Kevin emailed me and pointed out that I was a hopeless loser. 😉

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