Kerry Urges Assassination Of French President

From an interesting article on the early years of John Kerry in Time magazine comes this 1962 poem on France’s President Charles de Gaulle, and the decline of the French empire.

The fifth Republic stands weak
and dismayed
By her failure; she lives devoid of
Except by the men whose debt has
been paid …”

The poem ends:

Beyond all terror, destiny in hand,
Over rack and ruin, over black peaks
Of rebellion, blood and communist
Rules a man whom no Algerian dares
Blaspheme or murder – except in his
prayers.Time calls it “at once pretentious and subtle.”

In case it’s not blaringly obvious I don’t really think Kerry called for the assasination of anyone. The headline is supposed to be ironic and juxtapose the past and present…

All kidding aside, the article is well worth a read.

Update: Feel free to try your hand at a Time style review (i.e. “at once _____ and ______.”) in the comment section.

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