Quick! Look Over Those Applications Again…

The mystery of the credentialing process for the Democratic National Convention just keeps getting weirder.

Wednesday night Wizbang reported that INDC Journal and John Tabin had their acceptance letters rescinded by the DNCC. There was a lot of buzz on Thursday as to what exactly was going on, but it sure looked like at best a major fuck-up and at worst an ass-covering way to knock a couple undesirables off the list.

After Jay Rosen contacted the folks at the DNCC they posted this explaination for the rescinded invitations. Even if you take their explanation at face value, there has not been an avalanche of liberal bloggers coming forward to say they got the same shitty treatment. As Jeff Jarvis puts it, “The DNC posts a mealy-mouthed, excuse-riddled, and not altogether credible explanation about the mess.”

The DNCC also hasn’t explained how Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (The Kos in Daily Kos), who was very publically delinked by the Kerry web site made the cut for the convention.

John Tabin is a freelance reporter for The American Spectator, so he did what comes naturally and reported the story in his column. His contact with the consultant for the DNCC Press Gallery adds a new twist to the story:

[Lorraine] Boles adamantly denied any ideological vetting, saying there were “conservative bloggers” approved. But all of the bloggers I could find touting their credentials were left-of-center, leading me to wonder just who these conservative bloggers were.

As it turns out, Patrick Bolton of the prominent rightish OxBlog posted yesterday that the OxBloggers had “just received a very nice call from the DNC, saying very kind words about our blog and inviting us to cover the Boston convention as an accredited blogger.”

Interestingly enough, Belton posted that at 1:45 EDT. I spoke with Boles, according to my cell phone log (which usually runs a few minutes fast), between 12:13 and 12:25.

“CYA” was also, originally, a military acronym, for something that’s obviously not quite as easy a trick in the digital age.Until the OxBlog post there was not a single accredited blogger who could be considered anything but a Democratic stalwart. The coincidene is amazing, don’t you think?

In the end it doesn’t seem likely that any of the credentialled bloggers will be able to do any on site blogging since there will be no WiFi access, so it may all be for naught.

Update: As I predicted, the print media would get ahold of the story. Via the AP comes, Democrats approve blogger credentials, but rescind some invites. The article mostly confirms that Oxblog was added after the initial reports of disinvitations, unless of course a letter is sitting in his mailbox unopend.

Jay Rosen has a listing in his original piece of some disinvited liberal bloggers. He has asked Eric Schnure if the DNCC was considering the option of reversing the reversal to the two known conservative blogs, without changing its explanation, but simply to avoid the impression of ideological purity being the reason… etc. No answer has been provided.

The DNCC’s treatment of all the disivited blogers is shameful, as it appears that they are still adding bloggers to the approved list while the previously approved and now disinvited bloggers are left to wonder as to the reasons.

Daily Kos has a letter from Jay Rosen and further discussion on the issue. Before you read it remember that both the conventions are heavily subsidized by your tax dollars, so the “it’s our party” message rings a little hollow.

Update 2: This comment at Cyberjournalist puts the whole “space” issue into question.

I got asked for further information after I applied, was sent a letter in the mail saying “thanks but no thanks” and then just today [maybe four days later] got a phone call from someone at DNCC saying “oh hey, ignore that letter, you’re credentialed now” I thought it was a bit of a long shot in the first place [my blog http://librarian.net is not that political, very left-leaning] but I guess I’m going to go.

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