Funniest Thing I've Read All Week

California Secretary Education Richard Riordan has to have made the biggest bonehead political play in years.

He was at one of those stupid photo-ops where politicians read to children when a 6 year old girl named Isis asked if he knew what her name meant.

In a fit of stupidity of epic proportions Riordan said jokingly: “It means stupid dirty girl.” When she replied “No it means Egyptian goddess.” Riordan replied, “Hey, that’s nifty.”

From watching the video it is clearly a very, very bad attempt at humor. But what the hell was he thinking? Maybe she should have said “It means ‘Silly Willy'” if he wanted to make a joke.

But that is only half the story.

The NAACP immediately jumped up and claimed it was racial.

CNN– Democratic state Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally, who had scheduled a protest by civil rights organizations, canceled the demonstration after an apparent mix-up over the girl’s racial background.

Dymally was quoted in the San Jose Mercury News Thursday saying the child was “a little African-American girl. Would he (Riordan) have done that to a white girl?”

The only problem was, not only is she white, but she has blond hair and blue eyes!

Two of the stupidest political plays ever, both in the same story.

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