Hot For Teacher II

UK based News Of the World has the scoop on Debra Beasley Lafave, her 14 year old lover, and this bombshell:

Officers then listened in as the boy made two staged phone calls to his teacher. In one he is said to have asked that as they’d had sex three times did he need to wear a condom. She is said to have replied: “That should be the least of your worries.”

Sounds like they’ve got her dead to rights. Perhaps that explains this article, surely leaked by the defense, that seems to telegraph her legal strategy:

TAMPA – In the weeks after a drunken driver killed her pregnant older sister, Debra Beasley Lafave could not sleep.

Lafave had nightmares about the man who ran through a stop sign in April 2001 and rammed into 24-year-old Angela Beasley’s 1998 Nissan.

“I have been depressed,” Lafave testified during the August 2001 court-martial for Joseph Piotrowski, the former Army captain now serving 30 years in prison for Beasley’s death.

“It’s hard to concentrate on anything but that,” she said. “Angry. I’d snap at my family for no reason. I’ve been sick. I’ve lost a piece of me.”

Lafave was almost 21 and close to graduating from college, yet her mother testified that she called for her in the night. She couldn’t stand being alone.

“Debbie is pretty much a basket case,” Joyce Beasley, told the military court.

While the research is mixed, some psychologists who specialize in sex crimes committed by women believe there’s a link between past trauma and criminal sexual behavior. Three years after her sister’s death, Lafave has been arrested for having sex with a minor, a former student at the school where she was teaching.

Update: The National Enquirer is reporting the Lafave and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter were an item in high school. They also confirm the lesbian relationship mentioned in Hot For Teacher.

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