Too Hot For School?

What does it take to get suspended from a top private school? This…

Francesca Willis

From The Sun-Herald:

A teenage girl from Sydney’s most exclusive co-educational school has been suspended after sexually suggestive photographs were sent to fellow and former pupils.

Barker College suspended 17-year-old Francesca Willis, a part-time model and HSC student, after two photographs featuring poses in uniform in a year 12 common room appeared in emails from as far afield as London.

It is believed the picture fell into the hands of other students and was then circulated to rival schools. It spread around the world as more people added comments to the image.

A spokesman for Ms Willis insisted she had not been a party to posting the image.She had a site at BlogSpot, but it was barely used and summarized in the linked article. Her profile is mildly interesting (and now unavailable).

Additional images here (1 picture NSFW).

Update: A “Babe Photo War” has been declared. Oliver, David, and Rick have fired initial rounds, but we’re ahead on quantity. There’s plenty of celebrity and news worthy babe already available in the archives – a recap post is forthcoming…

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