Kerry Says We Should Kill Babies

Senator Waffles strikes again. But this time the flip flop really gets really bizarre.

Kerry Says He Believes Life Starts at Conception

DYERSVILLE, Iowa, July 4 — As Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.) campaigned across Iowa on Sunday with Gov. Tom Vilsack, widely reported to be on Kerry’s vice presidential short list, both men dodged repeated questions about whether their joint appearance might be a preview of the Democratic ticket.

But even as he tried to avoid making news Sunday, Kerry broke new ground in an interview that ran in the Dubuque, Iowa, Telegraph Herald. A Catholic who supports abortion rights and has taken heat from some in the church hierarchy for his stance, Kerry told the paper, “I oppose abortion, personally. I don’t like abortion. I believe life does begin at conception.”

OK reasonable position… But then the story gets weird.

…Kerry has often said abortion should be “safe, legal and rare”…


He believes life begins at conception but that it is ok to end that life? (*see update)

The fact that life begins at conception is the very basis on which the Catholic Church and many others oppose abortion. While I believe that live begins at conception, I can understand how others may argue it begins at another point. (they are wrong, but it is a reasonable debate) When life begins is the very core of the abortion debate.

You simply can’t say you believe the baby is alive but then say abortion is OK. To do so is to say that we should kill babies as public policy.

But- I can’t come down on Kerry for his beliefs. He has none.

Obviously this is yet another attempt to be all things to all people. He is saying whatever he thinks it will take to get people to vote for him. He no more believes that statement than I believe Ted Kennedy is sober.

Ultimately, I think this statement says more about Kerry the man. It sums up his whole life as well as his candidacy. “I’ll tell ya whatever you want to hear.”

What, if any of it, he believes we’ll never know. That is why he still has not connected with the voters. There is nothing for the voters to connect to– he has no core beliefs. Rather than get people on his side, stories like this open very troubling questions in voters minds:

If he would waffle on when life begins, what exactly does this man stand for? How will he negotiate with other countries?

If Kerry takes a “firm” stand with North Korea what exactly does that mean? It probably means he says whatever he thinks will sound good on the evening news.

In short, it makes you wonder what, if anything, he says can be believed.

Beyond the fact that he is a hopeless voter appeaser, this shows an extraordinary lack of campaign discipline. His handlers must have coughed up their Starbucks when they heard him say that. He simply can not stay on message. He wanders aimlessly from message to message hoping to say the right thing. This has killed many campaigns, Kerry will be no exception.

Forget Iraq, the economy, and all the polls. If Kerry continues to campaign like this he is sunk. Remember Bill Clinton- “It’s the Economy Stupid” That was his way of making himself stay on message. Kerry has less discipline that even Clinton but is not willing, as Clinton was, to admit his shortcoming and overcome them.

Kerry better get some discipline fast for he will become a Trivial Pursuit question rather than Chief Executive.

UPDATE: Below the fold

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I had a paragraph explaining one of my points better but it got axed in the editing process. From a comment, I guess it should have stayed.:

Reasonable people can debate where life begins; conception, heart beat, brain activity, viability or even birth. But John Kerry did something unique….

He argued that life begins at one point AND that we can kill it after that point.

I’ve never seen or heard anyone make that argument. That is my main problem with his remarks.

If he says “viability and you can abort it before that” OK I disagree but it is not completely irrational. But you can’t say life starts at conception then support abortion without saying you in favor of killing babies.

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