Premature Frothing…

Atrios – and a host of others are touting this story as a sign the George Bush is planning on canceling the election in November (or other such nefarious actions).

There is only one problem with that latest conspiracy theory – no one in Washington is even taking DeForest Soaries phone calls…

WASHINGTON (AP) – June 21,2004 – DeForest Soaries had never heard of the Election Assistance Commission when the White House asked him to be its chairman. In the six months since, he has come close to quitting.

Congress created the commission after the 2000 presidential election dispute to act as a clearinghouse for election information, make recommendations about technology and other issues and distribute $2.3 billion to states for new voting machines.

Yet, the commission couldn’t afford office space. Lawmakers and Bush administration officials who had clamored for reform were slow to return calls. Although electronic voting was dividing election officials nationwide, commissioners had no way of conducting research about its use. Getting support for changing haphazard voting systems proved difficult.

…Soaries and the three other commissioners were appointed in December, nine months late. Of a $10 million budget authorized for 2004, the panel received just $1.2 million. Some lawmakers worry that a lack of money and time will prevent it from being effective.Clearly this is a man trying to get some attention for his bipartisan commision, that is mostly unfunded and drifting aimlessly.

Doesn’t sound like a likely candidate to hatch and execute evil plot to take over the country…

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