Civility Does Not Ensue

Michele Catalano publishes some positive messages on the turnover from Iraqi bloggers.

Oliver Willis switches in and out of narrative and basically says all those Iraqi bloggers could be Bush plants. There is debate about whether this is a position he holds (mostly due to wording issues). Evidently the phrase “seriously though” is supposed to indicate that the previous paragraphs were some sort of snark…

Michele follows up with a thoughful essay.

I was following the back and forth to this point, then I ventured into the comments. That’s were all hell breaks loose. Exhibit A – Pandagon, where a commenters ask for then post the DNS registration information for ASV. That’s sooooo not relevant… (Note if it disappears that’s a good thing).

Update: Pandagon says:

I fear Iraqis able to access the internet and blog in perfect English might not represent the average man on the street.

Yeah I always thought that Salam Pax guy was a fake… Oh, maybe that’s not who he meant…

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