Half Full Or Half Empty?

There is lots of good news and plenty of bad news coming out of Iraq. How you look at the transition of power today in Iraq seems to me to be a case of glass of water half filled with water – it’s either half empty or half full.

Half full – Chuck Simmins compares the reconstruction of Iraq with the reconstruction of Germany, noting the success.

Half empty – David Anderson points out a Time article that indicates that the jihadist are transforming themselves into and international jihadist operation and are trying to turn Iraq into a new version of the Taliban’s Afghanistan.

Guess what? They’re both right.

The successes of the reconstruction will be quickly forgotten by history if the insurgency gains strength in the new Iraq. The next few months are the key. The new Iraqi government and their security force (the U.S. Military) must make substantial process in defusing the insurgency and the must do so quickly.

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