Thanks for the mammaries

I just came back from dinner with some friends. We went to the local Hooters (as referred to here). It was me, my best friend and his wife, and two kids — boy, 16, and girl, 7ish (I forget). While I was there, I got a chance to look around at the decor.

No, the OTHER decor.

I was amused by two of the signs (the large warning sign hung upside down that said “CAUTION BLONDE THINKING) and another one that proclaimed, “This sign is in Spanish when you’re not looking.”

One thing I found slightly disturbing was when it was discovered that it was a patron’s birthday. All the waitresses gathered around him and sang him the Hooters Birthday song. Poor kid turned beet red…

But hell, you only turn 12 once.

It beat the hell out of my 12th birthday party, I gotta tell ya….


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