Flavored Condoms?

Shopping at the local Eckard this afternoon I happened to notice two particular boxes in the condom display. I had been going back and forth in the cold and allergy medicine section and the condom/birth control section is in the same aisle. I noticed a box with pictures of a variety of fruits on it, and later noticed that it was a box of condoms. Fruit flavored condoms? WTF?

Apparently you date yourself a bit by not knowing that such a product exists and that your local drug store is selling it. I’d heard the oral sex was all the rage for teens (who says Bill Clinton didn’t leave a legacy?), so I guess it’s no surprise that the marketing folks at the condom companies saw a new opportunity for “fun” versions.

According to Teenwire the condoms protect against pregnancy and disease when used the “traditional” way.

I’m all for safe sex, but the prospect of getting a Monica in a raincoat just doesn’t seem that, umm… appetizing.

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