Democrats Think You Are Stupid

How else can you explain their contrived reaction to an ad featuring their own words?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Bush’s re-election campaign lumped together vocal outbursts by Democrats Al Gore, Howard Dean and others on Thursday and called them part of John Kerry’s “Coalition of the Wild-Eyed.”

The Bush-Cheney campaign released a video on its Web Site that played up some of the more strident statements Democrats have made on the campaign trail and declared: “This is not a time for pessimism and rage.”

The implication the Bush campaign appeared to be trying to leave was that some of the main boosters of Kerry’s presidential campaign are filled with rage and perhaps a bit kooky.The posted a few denouncements of Bush using the images of Hitler at the official John Kerry blog, conveniently forgetting to mention that they came from a competition to create anti-Bush ads sponsored by powerhouse Democratic PAC Self righteousness does not suit Kerry, as he apparently had no problem with the competition earlier this year.

In a private e-mail to supporters this morning the Kerry campaign solicits donations to fight the “image of Hitler” – again failing to mention their tacit approval of the group responsible for the creation of the ad. Josh Chafetz at OxBlog has the full text of their dishonest fund-raising pitch. He cuts the the heart of the matter here:

In other words, Bush is criticizing his opponents for, among other things, comparing him to Hitler. In response, the Kerry Campaign sends out this incredibly dishonest email suggesting that Bush has compared his opponents to Hitler and asking for money.

If the Kerry campaign is truly outraged by the content they are in a unique position to forestall future installments…

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