Microsoft, Yahoo Fight Back

Google’s Gmail service (free web based e-mail with 1GB storage limit) is having an impact on the competition. Earlier Yahoo annouced that they were upgrading storage capacity to 100MB. Now Microsoft joins the battle.

REDMOND, Wash. – MSN Hotmail, the world’s most popular free Web-based e-mail service, will undergo a major upgrade, delivering customers world-class e-mail protection as well as enhanced storage to satisfy all their needs. Starting in early July, MSN will roll out free e-mail anti-virus protection to all the 170 million MSN Hotmail customers worldwide, making MSN Hotmail the only free global e-mail service to both scan and clean incoming and outgoing e-mail for viruses and worms before they can enter a customer’s inbox. MSN also announced it will bring increased storage – 250MB inboxes – to free MSN Hotmail customers in multiple markets and will introduce MSN Hotmail Plus, an upgraded premium Web service to help customers get the most out of MSN Hotmail.

Whether they ever move to Google’s Gmail service, users of the other big web e-mail services owe a debt of gratatude to the Gmail team.

For the good of all humanity let’s hope Yahoo, Google, and others follow Microsoft’s virus protection example.

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