Blind Items – Blogger Edition

If you read the gossip columns you’ll be familiar with the concept of blind items. I thought a little game of guess the blind item might be fun when applied to bloggers. Your assignment is to find the permalinks to the following 5 items. They appear at blogs appearing on my blogroll (or the reciprocal blogrolls).

  • Why do you hate ‘tards, so much, Lindsay?

  • I’m playing a LOT of pinochle, and have re-discovered a forgotten love for Minesweeper.

  • I receive mediocre hugs.

  • If I worked as a stripper I would be wiping myself down with Chlorox Bleach Wipes every 15 minutes.

  • Like Velcro to Stupid

The first to correctly identify all five posts wins a Gmail invite, which you can do with as you please.

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  1. Jimmie June 22, 2004
  2. mac June 22, 2004
  3. Jimmie June 25, 2004