How Appropriate

Eric Fettmann in the New York Post notes the unintended irony in this DNC scheduling misstep.

The opening night of next month’s Democratic convention in Boston is set to feature an emotional party tribute to hometown hero Ted Kennedy, who has served in office longer than every other senator but one.

Guess no one at the Democratic National Committee took a close look at the calendar: That July 26 salute to Teddy just happens to coincide with . . . the 35th anniversary of Chappaquiddick.Brought to you by the same folks who think character matters (Kerry), except when character doesn’t matter (Clinton and Ted Kennedy).

Update: My only quibble with Fettmann is that while Kerry may be a decorated war hero, his whole post-Vietnam era is ripe with potential to torpedo a “character matters” guy. Kerry might want to think about just jumping to the “character doesn’t matter” bandwagon.

Update 2:: If you want to make the news and you plan on visiting the exterior of the Democratic National Convention in Boston (i.e. hang out in the protest areas) you might want to come dressed as Mary Jo Kopechne‘s drowned corpse that night. You’d be a lock to make the news…

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