Given spotty history of journalist bloggers (i.e., Ann Coulter, Greg Easterbrook) I had pretty low expectations for Michelle Malkin‘s blog. I expected some sort of “buy my book” promotional site or “here is my collection of articles from other sites” blog, but I was wrong.

Malkin’s blog looks, feels, and reads like a regular blog. Before you accuse me of damning with faint praise, let me correct that misconception – for that’s is the ultimate praise.

It’s clear that Malkin reads blogs, understands the dynamics of interlinking with other blogs, and is willing to provide enough new material on a daily basis to make her site a daily visit for readers. She avoids the common pitfalls of beginning bloggers of trying to hit every major news story, instead concentrating on bringing a unique perspective to a selected set of topics. In short, her site is concise, entertaining, and extremely readable.

Highly recommended.

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