"Outta My Way Kid!!!"

Sunday’s news – Man tramples 4 year old to get foul ball (See the replay). He refused to give the ball to the youngster even after the stadium (and TV announcers) turn on him.

(ARLINGTON, Texas) — A four-year-old Texas boy didn’t get the ball but he got a lot more.

A man sitting behind Nick O’Brien at a Rangers baseball game Sunday was shown on video diving for a foul ball and knocking the boy against the seats. Fans chanted for the man to give the boy the ball, but he wouldn’t.

The Rangers and the rival St. Louis Cardinals gave Nick some souvenirs of his own — two bats and four baseballs, including one signed by Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan.Today’s news – Man says he will give foul ball to boy

The Texas baseball fan who prompted a public outcry when he knocked aside a 4-year-old to get a foul ball now says he will give the ball to the youngster.

Matt Starr has also agreed to send a letter of apology to the family of Nick O’Brien and buy his family tickets to future Texas Rangers games, club official John Blake said Wednesday.

“The fan let it be known to us that he wanted to give the ball back, and we informed the family that it indeed is going to happen,” said Blake, Rangers senior vice president.

Club spokesman Gregg Elkin said the Rangers did not orchestrate Starr’s decision.

“He did this on his own, through an intermediary,” Elkin said. “Someone that knows him said, ‘Hey, he wants to do this, can you help him get it to the O’Briens?’ and that’s all we’re doing.Steve Bartman must be the happiest man on earth today.

Update: St. Louis Cardinal outfielder Reggie Sanders deserves a “good guy” award for seeing the play in the clubhouse and coming out and giving a bat and ball to the kid (as shown in the video.

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