Let Me Get This Straight…

Jeff Jarvis highlights Howard Stern’s manic freakout session on New York Post gossip columnist Lloyd Grove. Trashing gossip columnist should be one of the safest moves you can make, since while widely read they are frequent punching bags for celebrities. In this case it’s Stern who comes off looking like the self centered arrogant prick…

Here is Grove’s article on Stern. According to the article Jay Leno is a scumbag for stealing from Stern, but if anyone dares to point out a touch of hypocracy on Howard’s part they are scumbag too. Feh…

As much as I support Stern’s fight against the FCC, he appears to have become everything he used to mock – a self obsessed, bitter, old gasbag.

Strange Coincidences


  1. Peter June 16, 2004
  2. Jack June 16, 2004
  3. Boyd June 16, 2004