Gone Too Soon

Donald Houser-Richerme, the 6-year boy who saved a 5-year old girl from drowning in a suburban Chicago pool has died after spending a week in critical condition. Chicago’s NBC5 has the details.

This report from last week detailed his heroic actions.

Police Chief Timothy Baldermann said the boy reacted like a hero.

“Somehow she ended up in the pool, and this brave little guy went in the pool to save her and slid down underneath the water,” Baldermann said.

Moran’s aunt, Bernadette Choate, also called Richesme a hero.

“We honestly believe that’s what he is, an actual hero,” Choate said. “Because my niece can’t swim.”

Choate said she responded to the scene and jumped in the pool to look for Richesme.

“But there was too much stuff in the water — trash cans, vacuum hoses, rakes,” she said.

Richesme’s family released a statement to the media Tuesday:

“We are proud of Donny for his brave actions and ask all of you to keep him and our family in your prayers. Donny is a wonderful young boy.”

Police told Mitchell that Richesme’s parents had just moved into the apartment complex a few weeks ago and had no idea that an abandoned pool was on the property.Donations can be made here:

The Donald Houser-Richerme Fund
c/o Founders Bank
6825 W. 111th St.
Worth, Ill., 60482
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