What We Were Told

Does the drumbeat of negative press on Iraq get you down sometime? The guys at Power Line recap the pre-war predictions from both sides.

Consider the main things we were told before the war. It is true that Saddam was out of compliance with U.N. resolutions; it is true that Saddam was a brutal tyrant; it is true that he had connections to terrorists; it is true that he had the capability to produce WMD; it is true that he had produced and used WMD in the past; it was true that our action in Iraq might not be easy. In short, everything important that we were told before the war that I can think of has turned out to be true except it might not be true that Saddam had WMD on hand when the war started.

The jury is still out on the WMD’s, although as we now know some have been found and just today we learned the more of Saddam’s banned material is showing up in scrap yards around the world.

What about the anti-war claims?

And what about all of the things we were told by the war’s opponents before it started? Like: There will be tens of thousands of military and civilian casualties; chemical weapons will be used against our troops; there will be brutal house-to-house fighting in Baghdad; the oil fields will be set on fire; there will be hundreds of thousands of refugees; riots will ensue in other Arab countries; and the Iraqis will never be able to come together to agree on a Constitution and elect new leaders.

None of that happened. It seems a bit disingenuous for those same folks to now be claiming, “I told you so.”

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