Duct Tape Clothing

Last year I noted a few duct tape prom dress stories. I always wondered what the motivation for creating and wearing a homemade prom dress (and tux for the guy) made complexly out of duct tape. I also was a little pissed that the news articles never had pictures of the dresses. I think I found the motivation behind many of the stories, and as an extra bonus the site that gathers up pictures of all the duct tape formal wear.

Duck brand duct tape sponsors a Duck at the Prom competition offering a top prize of $2,500 for the best use of duct tape in prom attire. The best part is that they have a gallery of cheesy prom pictures of the happy (if somewhat sticky) couples.

It used to be that grey was your only choice in duct tape formal attire, but now color is all the rage.

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© Henkel Consumer Adhesives
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