Vote Against Jim Moran Today

VoteTuesday reminds us that today (Tuesday, June 8) is primary day in Virginia which means it’s the day to for the 8th district (Alexandria, Arlington,Reston) for get out the vote for Andy Rosenberg and rid Congress of the poster boy for corruption and anti-Semitism, Jim Moran. Go read Vote Tuesday to see links to the the likes of the USA Today, Washington Post, New York Times, Newsday, etc. covering the election.

Red Letter Day reminds us that Virginia allows crossover voting in the primaries, it is possible that Republican voters could help swing the election towards Rosenberg. The Republican candidate (Lisa Marie Cheney) was selected at a convention, so there is absolutly no reason for Republicans not to turn out and vote against Moran (by voting for Rossenberg). If you know anyone who lives in the Alexandria/Arlington/Reston area (8th District voting map) call them and remind them to vote for Rosenberg today.

Update: From the Andy Rosenberg for Congress site:

According to internal data garnered from a telephone survey of 5,000 likely Democratic primary voters in Arlington, Reston, Vienna and Falls Church, the battle for the Democratic nomination is a virtual toss-up (29%-24% Rosenberg) with roughly 47% of district voters still undecided as Election Day approaches. The internal data confirms Rosenberg’s claims that Moran lacks the support of Democratic voters following years of reckless behavior and irresponsible comments.

Proof of how the mighty have fallen – Howard Dean gives a last minute endorsement for Moran. Who’s Howard Dean again?

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