DC Notebook – Funeral Notes

The U.S. Army Military District of Washington has issued a day-by-day calender of the events this week for the State Funeral for Former President Ronald Reagan.

The opportunities for public participation are limited. The Formal Funeral Procession to U.S. Capitol is probably your best bet.

About The Formal Funeral Procession to U.S. Capitol

The Old Guard Caisson Platoon of the Military District of Washington’s 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment will transport the remains during the Washington, D.C., phase of the funeral. The caisson consists of six horses of the same color, three riders, and a section chief mounted on a separate horse. The caisson itself is a converted transport wagon for a 75mm cannon.

A riderless horse follows the caisson (known as a caparisoned horse). A pair of boots are reversed in the stirrups of the empty saddle to symbolize that the warrior will never ride again.

The casket transfer will occur at 16th and Constitution Avenues NW and the procession will go east on Constitution Avenue to the Capitol. This will take place between 6 and 7 p.m. Wednesday June 9.

About The Rotunda Viewing Area

That evening and all the next day the president will lie in state in the Rotunda of the Capitol so that the public may pay their respects. The Rotunda viewing area will be open around the clock, meaning you can pay your respects anytime between 8:30 pm Wednesday – 7am Friday. Security will be strict – cameras and bags will not be allowed in the rotunda.

Update: If you’re in town look for the flyover!!! There will be a rehearsal flyover on Tuesday at 6:25 PM by 12 F-15’s. The flyover for the official State Funeral for President Reagan will take place on Wednesday at 6:25 PM. The flyover will consist of 21 F-15’s. Both flyovers will pass in front of the Capitol building from South to North.

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