Those Who Don't Learn History…

Are doomed pass history with a B.

Tiffany Charles got a B in history last year at her Montgomery County high school, but she is not sure what year World War II ended. She cannot name a single general or battle, or the man who was president during the most dramatic hours of the 20th century.

Yet the 16-year-old does remember in some detail that many Japanese American families on the West Coast were sent to internment camps. “We talked a lot about those concentration camps,” she said.

I guess they just sort of glossed over the concentration camps were 6 million Jews were exterminated.

Update: Smash finds that there are plenty of motivated teachers passionate about teaching your children just not what you would except. He interviews the lead speaker at a Los Angeles anti-war rally:

But it turns out that Gillian [Russom], the spokesperson for the Los Angeles chapter of the International Socialist Organization, is no

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