How Low Can JLo Go?

Jenifer Lopez unfathomably marries the freshly divorced Marc Anthony this weekend. The ink wasn’t even dry on Anthony’s divorce (from a 1993 Miss Universe). How fresh was the divorce? Defamer notes that pictures of his wedding on the official Marc Anthony web site are NOT of JLo.

It all clicked for me this evening when I heard that Anthony, convieniently, will be performing on the Today Show tomorrow morning to promote the release of his new album this week. WTF? She whored herself out to pump up his sagging career? Feh…

Ben Affleck suddenly looks like a genius for hopping of the crazy train…

Update: JLo is on the case, the first wife has been erased.

Update 2: Richard Johnson, of the New York Post’s Page Six, is reporting that the real reason for the quickie wedding is that JLo is pregnant.

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