Bush vs. Clinton – The Haters Weigh In

Oliver Willis notes that Bush hating is approaching Clinton hating, but he claims it’s not quite there yet. Quoting Oliver, “I don’t doubt that the hatred of Bush has reached absurd levels with a few members of the left, but before we reach Code Starr there are a few things Democratic leaders in congress have to do first,” then he lists provides a list of unique charges against Clinton. I’ve reprinted the list below and added links to Bush haters satisfying his conditions.

  • Accuse him of smuggling drugs [Link]

  • Accuse him of rape [Link]

  • Accuse his wife of being a criminal [Link]

  • Call him a “scumbag” [Link]

  • Send a partisan prosecutor to investigate every moment of his life – Since the Independent Counsel Act was not renewed there are no more independent counsel investigations; I’ll focus on calls for one [Link]

  • Throw his friends and associates in jail or threaten them – [Link]

  • Impeach him for having a sexual affair – Since Bush isn’t diddling the interns I’ll concentrate on the impeach part of the sentence [Link]

There you go. Expect to see any or all of those at the next Nancy Pelosi press conference.

Extra Bonus: Now the MoveOn.org slogan Bush=Hitler can safely be amended to Bush=Clinton=Hitler

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