Burning Down My Master's House

Kevin has given all us guest bloggers an extraordinary amount of latitude since we started guest blogging. So I feel like a double smuck for doing this, but I feel I really must (very, very 😉 respectfully disagree with his Limbaugh post. (I’ve been fired from higher paying jobs 😉

Everybody is piling on, but let’s slow down. (And when I have to be the voice of calm reason, you folks are sunk.)

First, the post is titled “Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Thief.” At the risk of pointing out the painfully obvious, it is highly doubtful Limbaugh made the graphic. In fact, it is doubtful he has even seen the graphic. So calling him a thief is, IMO, is a little off base.

Second, if you look at the graphics, they are not the same. Look at the top of the drop shadows. That in an of itself does not prove his web folks did not save the graphic and edit it. It does however prove it was not a simple cut and paste as it has been claimed. My gut says they cleaned up Jessica’s work, but it does give them plausible deniability. (But is it reasonable doubt?:) So basically, at worst, they stole an idea. If that is banned, there’d be no blogosphere.

Third, how can Limbaugh get “tired” of the thief story when he has not had time to reply? He will not be on the air until Monday. It would be different if this were a 2 week story. It is HIGHLY doubtful Limbaugh even knows this “controversy” exists.

I think the way Limbaugh responds to this will say volumes more than what one of his web dweebs may or may not have done. Why not let the guy reply before we hang him for something he obviously did not do?

(a personal note below)

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I debated at length putting this in the comments of the original post. I felt it warranted a full post as many people were jumping to many conclusions.

As I said, Kevin has given us a ton of latitude here on Wizbang. He has never once exercised editorial control in any way even though he and I are basically on polar opposite sides of the most controversial issue in politics. (that obviously being abortion) If anything would be a litmus test for a guest blogger that would be it. He’s never said a word.

I’ve been looking for a chance to work some kudos into the conversation for that, but it never came up. Now it did.

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