Too Real Reality TV

Words barely describe the asininity of the following reality TV show idea as revealed in this Rueters article about O.J. Simpson’s interview with Greta Van Susteren.

Asked by Van Susteren about reports of his involvement in an upcoming reality show, Simpson said, “it’s a takeoff on something called ‘Punk’d,”‘ an MTV hidden-camera show featuring Ashton Kutcher (news) pranks on celebrities. “It’s me doing gags as Juice … what they call ‘juicing’ people.” Simpson earned the nickname Juice during his legendary career as a running back in the National Football League.

Ranking the chances the show will come to fruition on a scale of one to 10, Simpson said, “It’s seven or eight, that it’s gonna happen.”

He’s going to “juice” people? Like he “juiced” Ron and Nicole?

Someone is bound to freak out and pop a cap in him.

That I’d want to see…

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