Our Intrepid Reporter On The Women Against Bush Scene

James Owens and a compatriot crashed the “Singles Against Bush” mixer last night to see what the liberal ladies were up to – and possibly to make a mixed politics hookup. A hungover James explains his feeble attempts at establishing a cool cover:

I wanted to dress so as to not draw attention to myself. So I decided on a nice little number that I like to call “I’m a color blind fashionless redneck” which consisted of cut-off camo shorts, a red muscle shirt and a pair of chucks. I was decked out and certain to not draw attention.

Turns out, everyone was in work attire, so I kind of stuck out like a sore thumb! Fuck! Who woulda thunk.

Downstairs – LOTS of hot chicks. Very impressive. Apparently, the Liberal Beaver Pinko Commie crowd is pretty hot. A did see a couple lasses going braless…excellent.

Within 10 minutes of us showing up, a girl comes up and says….”You guys are spies, aren’t you.” Damn….blown cover. “Uhm, no, why do you ask liberal commie tree-hugger?” Ooops. Meant to think that….not say it..

[Read the whole thing]Outed quicker than Clay Aiken on American Idol…

Update: The alcohol must be wearing of, as James has managed to recall another smooth conversation.

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