O.J.’s Reality Series (Juiced) Costars

Who is in O.J. Simpson’s upcoming Punk’d clone show – Juiced? Here’s one “actress” attached to the series.


I am willing to do artistic nude, pin-up style, fetish (shoe, foot, clothing NO BONDAGE FOR ME, though, thanks) projects, playboy and maxim type projects as well. I am not currently interested in hard core/ insertion/ or graphic spread shots. I am not interested in anything that is “porn” but am willing to do shoots with other female models in a soft erotic style, if done with good taste.

You can read the rest of her profile here [NSFW] ***. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and see more of her portfolio, if you know what I mean.

O.J. always liked blondes…

Update: It is possible that OJ has figured out a way to shield any income he might make from the series from the Goldman and Brown families. From The Observer:

‘Something that Simpson told my dad, about a reality show called Juiced. Apparently he’s already figured out a way so that none of the money from it can be touched. But he might lying. He likes to start these rumours…’

Coverage Elsewhere: Defamer

*** The acronym TFP is used often throughout her rambling profile. TFP stands for Time For Prints, an arrangement where models receive free prints/photos for self-promotion and photographer gets use of prints for self-promotion, which also promotes the model.

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