What Not To Wear

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If you’re going to dress up as a torture victim remember to leave the electric wire at home or the police might think you have a bomb.

Joe Previtera has been charged with two felonies (related to bomb threats and hoax devices) for his silent demonstration outside a Boston Military Recruiting Center the same day a report in the Boston Globe warned people to be on the lookout for people “dressed in bulky jackets in warm weather… or trailing electrical wires.”

The good news for the college student is that prosecutors are reviewing the charges (which could earn him a three year prison term if convicted) against him according to The Boston Herald:

Prosecutors are considering “amending” bomb-threat charges against a Boston College student who mimicked an infamous photo from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq to protest inmate abuse by American armed forces.

The young man’s appearance was putting some passers-by in fear,” David Procopio, spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley, said yesterday, “but we’re not aware that he indicated he had a bomb.”

On May 26, Joseph Previtera Jr., 21, an international studies major and the son of Westwood Conservation Commission Chairman Joseph Previtera, stood on a crate outside the Military Recruiting Center on Tremont Street in a black hood and sheet. From his outstretched forefingers dangled two wires leading to the box.

“I did this to offer another perspective for those thinking of enlisting in the military and because of the abuses they may be asked to commit,” Previtera said.Which is, I’m sure, what the “hyper-nationalist character” who came up to him and punched him in the stomach was offering to Joseph – a different perspective.

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