Tenet Steps Down At CIA

George “Slam Dunk” Tenet is resigning from his position as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

WASHINGTON – George Tenet has resigned as CIA director, President Bush announced Thursday, ending the increasingly stormy tenure of a man under fire for the department’s intelligence before the Iraq war.

In a brief appearance this morning before leaving for Europe, Bush told reporters he had met Tenet on Wednesday night at the White House.

“He told he me was resigning for personal reasons. I told him I was sorry he was leaving,” Bush said.

Tenet will serve until mid-July and will be temporarily replaced by Deputy Director John McLaughlin, Bush said.
The president gave no other reason for Tenet’s departure.This clears the way for a “failure of intelligence” strategy for Bush this fall.

Coverage Elsewhere: The Command Post

BoiFromTroy has a good quote roundup from a variety of bloggers. The general consensus apparently is something on the order of, “What the fuck took so long?”

The Corner is a constant buzz with possible replacements, but don’t expect any big name candidate to be appointed until Bush is reelected. Who would want to take the job (and face a confirmation hearing) with 5 months left before the election? No one.

Via California Yankee comes a pointer to ABC’s The Note that is running this blurb:

“DEVASTATING” SENATE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE REPORT: Linda Douglass reports that according to two senior sources familiar with the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on pre-war intelligence failures yet to be released, findings are “devastating” for Tenet. Democratic sources confirm Tenet was losing support among Democrats because of the conclusions reached by this report. One Republican source predicted Wednesday Tenet might resign before it is released. The report is currently being declassified by the CIA and is expected to be made public on June 17.

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