Outsourcing Can Bite You In The Ass

Via Blackfive, we learn of the case of the chief of the Bank of Ireland who has quit over porn found on his PC. The Register reports:

The chief executive of the Bank of Ireland, Michael Soden, has quit his job after porn was found on his company PC. Shares in the bank have been buoyed up by the news, which has sparked speculation of a takeover.

The material was discovered during routine maintenance of his machine, and the results of the internal investigation were leaked to a local newspaper.

There is no suggestion that any of the material was illegal, but it was forbidden under bank policy. “I now accept that accessing this material was inappropriate and would cause embarrassment to Bank of Ireland,” Soden said in a statement.Considering that Soden was responsible for updating the acceptable use policy that prohibits staff from accessing porn using company equipment you would think he would know better?

So who was it who fingered the chief executive? The IT workers he outsourced.

Disgruntled workers 1, CEO 0…

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