Shameless Plug For Hosting Matters

I’m not even going to begin to analyze May’s traffic figures for Wizbang, but I will share on scary statistic – total bandwidth.

Wizbang May 2004 – 298 Gigabytes (305,377 Megabyte)

That’s nearly a third of a terabyte…

Thank goodness I’m hosted at Hosting Matters. They have not only not raised my hosting rates, but they are not charging me the ~$800 in excess bandwidth fees. Of course June is another story, and they are working with me on adjustments to my hosting plan going forward.

Did I mention how glad I am that I’m hosted at Hosting Matters? Just double checking..

Update: Wizbang’s coverage of the Nick Berg murder was the primary factor in the 10 fold increase in traffic. Note that the increase in traffic was not due to hosting the video, just linking to working copies.

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