Hizzoner Returns

Welcome back to Marion “Mayor For Life” Barry.

As I predicted months ago it looks like Hizzoner will be plowing the fertile fields of the District’s Ward 8 in an attempt to reclaim a seat on the D.C. Council. Astute readers will note that I predicted he would run for mayor, but Barry’s MO in the past has been to sew up the Ward 8 Council spot and launch a run for mayor from there.

Fresh off of his stint in prison for cocaine possession in 1992 he won the Council seat in Ward 8. He used his position as councilman to launch a successful campaign to claim his fourth term as mayor (his first as a felon) in 1995. Apparently this plan was in the works in 2002, when an incident in which U.S. Park Police said they found traces of marijuana and cocaine in his car effectively shut down his plans for a council run.

Two years in District politics is an eternity, and in Ward 8 it’s plenty of time to rehabilitate your image. The master plan was not scuttled, just delayed. Journalists and comedians should be thankful for Barry’s return – he provides a wealth of material.

In closing let me quote the esteemed philosopher Chris Rock on Marion Barry, “How are you gonna tell kids not to get high when THE MAYOR is on crack!”

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