Smart Money

Next weekend Smarty Jones will try to take the third leg in horse racings Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes. He will be a heavy favorite to win, and the smart money will be laying $2 to win on the horse. The people placing $2 bets are not in search of the small payouts a Smarty Jones win will produce (the estimated payout is 10 cents on the dollar) they have no plans of cashing their winning tickets.

The best way to make money on a Smarty Jones win is to hold a winning ticket uncashed (and in mint condition) and sell it on the collectibles market. Uncashed winning tickets and other Smarty Jones memorabilia is already available on eBay. Prices for $2 winning tickets for the Kentecky Derby and the Preakness Stakes are already going for anywhere from $50 to $150.

If you can get a $2 bet on Smarty Jones to win placed at Belmont you should; just don’t cash – sell it…

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