Seat Belts Redux

I just came back from a car accident. I was eating dinner when I heard the squealing tires, the smash, and then a second smash. It was probably two more smashes, but they were so close together I only heard one.

Two idiots were racing up a one-way, two-lane street when they hit each other and then ran into a brick school building. Police, fire, and ambulance are already on the scene.

Like everyone else, I had to go look at the crash. I couldn’t get too close, but one of the cars had that all-too-familiar starburst crack of the windshield in front of the driver’s seat. The distinctive mark of the idiot who didn’t wear their seat belt.

As I posted before, New Hampshire has no seat belt law for people over 18. We run public service announcements to get people to wear their belts, we drill it into their heads during Driver’s Ed, and we demand it of those under 18. But if you’re 18 or over, that’s your choice. You want to be an idiot, that’s your right.

Tonight I heard another idiot demonstrate their stupidity. That’s their problem. It’s not the business of government to protect free adults from their own damn foolish decisions, as long as they don’t end up hurting others in the process. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I travel six feet in a car without my seat belt, but that’s my choice, which I weighed and carefully considered. And if you’re riding with me, you’re gonna buckle up, too. I don’t need the government or anyone else to tell me to brush my teeth, buckle my seatbelt, or tie my shoes.

That’s one of my biggest peeves about liberalism. Apparently, if you don’t like something, just pass a law against it and the problem will go away. The idea that people who disagree with that law might simply ignore it never occurs to them. And the notion that once people start ignoring one stupid law, they’ll ignore others that are inconvenient is simply beyond their comprehension. The absurd conclusion from this reasoning is a state where everything is either forbidden or required, and nearly the entire population is a criminal in at least some form.


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